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Dünyanın sonu, Godzilla’nın başlangıcı.”Radyoaktif taşıyan devasa büyüklükteki Godzilla adlı canavar insanoğlunun ona yaptıklarının hes*abını sormak için geri dönüyor. Ancak* insanoğlu da direnecektir.Başrollerde Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins ve David Strathairn var. Yönetmen koltuğun*da ise 2010 yapımı Monsters filminden tanıdığımız* Gareth Edwards oturuyor..

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  1. From LinkedIn GroupsGroup: Senior Housing ForumDiscussion: I find myself wnoreding how often senior housing communities find themselves in conflict with their neighbors. What is your experience?With regard to the initial development or “set up” of a facility, the NIMBY (Not in my back yard)—as it is often referred to—problem is a relevant concern. Truth is, for senior housing there is less stigma than “half-way” or “re-entry” or “troubled teens” homes. There is a whole body of law that is fascinating around the “discrimination” of such community reactions. Often, developers and operators will retain counsel if planning commissions unjustifiably block these facilities, and end up negotiating with the building authorities. We actually did that for one of our communities, appealing a Planning Commission “no” vote to have it overturned by the city counsel. Ironically, today, the neighborhood and the city enjoys the fact that we are there. The successful argument is these seniors have lived in our community, and thus deserve to continue to live in the heart of our community and not be “banished” to the more commercial/industrial parts of town. The protection of this right is so ingrained in California, for example, that no city or county jurisdiction can prohibit a small 6-bed “community care” facility from being open, AS LONG AS IT IS WITHIN the building codes and regulations. The minute you ask the planning authority for a “variance”, then the operator opens themselves up for a “neighborhood” meeting, and potentially disapproval. Fascinating public policy stuff, thanks for raising the question Steve. Posted by Mark Cimino

    10 Mart 2015 09:58

  2. it would probably be Thomas George, whom I'd had itatrnceion with previously when complaints were lodged about weeds among the grass in the front yard, trees being trimmed /or the mowing schedule falling behind. (yeah really)I got the call on Monday after midday, and Sharmila sounded in awe of my clairvoyance when she put Mr. George on the phone with me. Ms Campbell, how nice to see the home, I love what you've done here, and the people seem so happy. I'm sorry I didn't come in time for lunch, by the way things smell! I assured him we loved our residents and asked if the guy across the street had complained about the angel mural. He reminded me complaints were anonymous unless they were founded and there was a need for testimony, etc, but then said, but what Is his problem anyway? I asked him to try a new approach, taking my sign permit to show the complainant, and apologizing for me. Puzzled, he said, go on? I explained that I was permitted to paint a sign if I liked, with phone number, website and services listed thereon. But you're not going to Do that, are you? The angels are rather nice. I replied, I think if we offer to paint the sign and comply with the letter of the law, he will back down. And he did, Oh, no I Love the angels, you mean she can Do that sign thing?! He called me back laughing.Posted by Doreen Campbell

    11 Mart 2015 18:44

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